Dear go friends,

The Grenoble go club in partnership with the French Go Federation and on behalf of the European Go Federation will organise the European Youth Go Championships 2017 (EYGC 2017 European Youth Go Championship 2017 ) ) from February 17th to 20th 2017.

We will take this opportunity to organise the 1st International Go Tournament of Grenoble, the TIGGRE on February 18th & 19th 2017:

This prestigious tournament will offer several prizes to the best European go players.  Players from Asia will also be there ! Why won’t you ?!

Please participate and help us to make this tournament – the TIGGRE – one of the biggest event of the European go world.

A word from president of Grenoble go club (Loîc Lefebvre):

For the first year, the go club of Grenoble organizes the EYGC.  In order to make encounter all great european players – not only the young players – we decided to make a bigger event organizing a big size tournament : the TIGGRE (french accronym of International Go Tournament of GREnoble).

InSeong Hwang who is a member of the club and also one of the best player I know but overall a great friend wanted to help us organizing it and decided to give prizes for this tournament. We all thanks him for this special move -tesuji-

This is why this tournament will be named Ellie Cup this year, to celebrate another tesuji of Semi Lee and Inseong Hwang : the birth of their daughter, Ellie.

We will be really glad to host you for this tournament and before to let you know about rules, venue… I let you with the message of InSeong.

Dear European Go players,
It has been about 10 years since I live in Europe.
I believe that I received a lot of benefits from the European Go world while I stay, so I was looking for a chance to give this favor back.
In the meanwhile, Grenoble Go club organizes the EYGC 2017 and plans to make a big tournament at the same period.
I think it is the best if I sponsor a big tournament. Then top European players can have a chance to play good games, and many of European Go players enjoy watching their games.
It would be a big pleasure if many of top level European players join in this tournament and show their best skills.
I will be in the tournament venue all the time and enjoy this beautiful game together with them.
Hope to see many of you in this great event!
Sincerely yours,

In-seong Hwang

The International Go Tournament of Grenoble (TIGGRE – in french) will stand on the weekend of February 18th & 19th 2017.

  • Rules
    • Time by player : Main time of 1h15 with a canadian Byo Yomi of 5 minutes for 15 stones.
    •  Top-group : the 16 best players (at the EGF scale the day of the tournament) will play against each other in a knock-out tournament.
      Knocked-out players during the first two rounds will come back on the main tournament. 
      The 4 remaining players will face each other on the semi finale and then third and fourth place play-off and the final.
    •  Main Tournament : Mac Mahon tournament, Handicap -1 and MMS, SOS, SOSOS ranking
  • Participation fees
Category Inscription before February 8th 2017          
       After and at the venue

6d+ (+2500 EGF)           Free           5€
-25years*, student, unemployed           15€           20€
Adulte +25y*, employed           20€           30€

Payment at the venue, check or cash. 
*age at the first day of the tournament.

  • Prizes
European Player      Non European Player
800 €         300 €
500 €         150 €
300 €          –
200 €          –
150 €          –
150 €          –
150 €          –
150 €          –

100 € for the 4 victory-participants

Wainting for your subscription !

Please take note that we got an agreement with Air France / KLM for flight tickets with reduced prices:
Airports that are covered are : Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva.
Don’t hesitate to contact the organisation team for the possible transfer (buses, train) form the airport.
With our best regards.
Jean-Yves Papazoglou
EGF Vice President
On behalf of the European go federation, the French go federation and the Grenoble go club


Dear all,

This year the Kansai Kiin will be organizing the 2nd Japan Go Congress (July 14-17, 2017). And also the Osaka Go Camp for the 5th time (June 25- July 13, 2017).
The website for both events is, the registration is already open.
Could you please inform your Go community and Go friends about both events? Thank you in advance!
Wish you a Happy New Year!
Kansai Kiin
Go Congress & Camp Team

North Europe Senior Open Go Championship

Dear senior players,

Welcome to the North Europe Senior Open Go Championship in Helsinki on 29.4.-1.5.2017. The registration has been opened.
See for tournament information and for registration. The tournament is for players over 50 years old. There will be a side tournament for other players.

Matti Siivola