Dear Members,
the congress is the most important event of the european go community and the place where the european champion gets decided. At this year’s general assembly we want to select the host of the European Go Congress 2021. So far we still didn’t get any applications! If you know of people who would be interested in organizing such an event please tell them about it.
We are also looking for organizers of other european championships. I put the list down at the bottom of this email.
The ones in blue have been already confirmed at the last assembly in Pisa. If you are the organizer of such an event please let me know the exact date (best together with the announcement) as soon as you know it.
Thank you,
i. Grand Prix Finale 2020, Leksand, Sweden, 16-19 January
ii. Youth Championship 2020 (February – April) Stubicke Toplice, Croatia, (near Zagreb)
iii. Pro Championship 2020
iv. Pair Go Championship 2020 (February – April) Subotica or Niš, Serbia (still looking for government support)
v. Grand Slam 2020
vi. Student Championship 2020 (second half of year) Petrozavodsk, Russia
vii. Women Championship 2020 London, UK (second half of year)
viii. Grand Prix Finale 2021
ix. Youth Championship 2021 (February – April)
x.Pro Championship 2021 (February – Beginning March)
xi. Pair Go Championship 2021 (February – April)
xii. Grand Slam 2021 (April – Beginning May)
xiii. Student Championship 2021 (second half of year)
xiv. Women Championship 2021 (second half of year)